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The Social Anxiety Solution is designed to give men a chance to discover what causes their anxiety, develop strategies to manage it, and  create a better outlook on life. 

As men, we often hide ourselves from the world in order to protect ourselves. Give yourself a chance to get away from the shackles of fear and develop new relationships. 

This program is for all ages and levels of need. Please feel free to contact me with any questions about the course. 

Week One: Finding your personal anxiety Level and Goal Setting for the program.

Week Two: Discovering what causes anxiety and strategies for managing acute reactions to social stress. 

Week Three: Addiction, specifically internet, pornography, phones and gaming. Strategies to cut back and deal with addictive behaviors. 

Week Four: Charisma hacks and how to be comfortable talking to people in person. Conversation skills for the workplace.

Week Five: Real life versus virtual interactions. Dating conversations and how to possibly manage romantic situations including anxiety around performance.. 

Week Six: Tying it all together, recapping and setting new goals to move forward confidently with new perspectives.  

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