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This six week program includes twelve one on one therapy sessions for people who have social anxiety and trouble with social situations. So many people, especially since COVID-19, have trouble with face to face interaction. This can affect things like relationships at home and at work, meeting new people and making friends or dating, and even how you interact with family members or children. 


With a focused CBT approach, I will help you recognize what causes your anxiety, manage your triggers and come up with practical strategies based on your own mental state. Think of it as a personal trainer for your mind!


The program includes a handout workbook and two 30 minute sessions each week with a target focus to work on. That's 12 therapy sessions, and you will receive a receipt that can be claimed under your benefits (please check with your provider).  


Week One: Introduction and Assessment: How Anxious Am I? 

Week Two: Defining and Managing Anxiety and Goal Setting

Week Three: Breaking Free from Addiction: Screens and Social Problems

Week Four: Charisma and Conversation: How to Communicate 

Week Five: Real Life Activities: Creating Options and Venturing Out

Week Six: Setting the Next Steps and Fear of the Unknown. 


Please reach out to me if you have any questions about the program content or if you know somebody who might benefit from it. I'm happy to provide a free phone call to discuss if you are interested. 

The Six Week Social Anxiety Solution Program

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